Roman Candles

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A 10 ball roman candle that shoots red and green flaming balls. 4 candles per pack.
10 ball roman candle. A 12-pack assortment includes 6 different candles. Effects include: Red, green, blue and purple star, star, crackling and report.
180 shot roman candle that shoots bright red crackling pearls, bright green crackling pearls and silver crackling pearls.
A 4 pack of traditional roman candles with fish, white glitter, color comet and color star effects.
180 powerful shots of red, green and silver stars with crackle.  
A 4-pack of 10 ball roman candles, with each candle being different. Effects include: Red crackle, silver crackle, blue crackle and red, silver and blue crackle.


Tank Engine.  Silver titanium sparks to whistle, white strobe with red sparks, silver titanium sparks to whistle, black smoke
Ti-Lotus.  Whistling spins to yellow titanium fountain, silver titanium fountain with flame.
Firestix.  6 assorted fountains.  Red pistil fountain.  Yellow pistil fountain.  Silver pistil fountain.  Green pistil fountain.  Blue pistil fountain.  Purple pistil fountain
PRO 200.  16 shot cake.  Red, green, orange, purple star and loud chrysanthemum.

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