Multi-Shots 500 Grams

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A case of two angled 500 gram cakes specially designed to be fired simultaneously to create a unique and enormous 1000 gram effect! Over 100 shots of multi-color stars, leaves, crackle and crackling comets.
49 shots filled with glitter, brocade, stars, palms, fish, umbrella and crackle in colors of red, blue, white, green, purple, and gold.
16 Shots. Bangin’ Hard proves that they do make them like they used to! Blue and white glitter mines erupt with each fan-fired shot, with hard breaking palms and titanium chrysanthemums.
A Classic item from Brothers. 36 shots of red crackling stars, and green and blue bouqets with tail.
These 54 shots of red, green, blue, and yellow pearls along with white, green, and gold strobes, blue and lemon peonies, brocade crown and crackle will make you feel like you are in a club!
49 shots bursting with yellow, purple, red, blue, and green colors! Includes glitter, mines, and peony.
Red, white and blue colors and more! This 500 gram lights up the sky with strobes, peony and chrysanthemum effects with whistling tails and crackle. 45 shots
Fill the sky with 30 shots of white strobes, red and yellow pearls, brocade crown, and crackle.
Feel the fire from the Dragon’s Breath as crackling mines move to chrysanthemums, palms, and stars. 15 Shots
This drone flies high with over 80 shots of brocade crown and color leaves that lasts over a minute!
This 500 gram 49 shot cake has a very loud and rapid fire display of red, green and white glitter with big stars and chrysanthemum effects. Tons of crackle, Brocade and flower effects.
These 49 shots fly high into the sky with bright red, green, blue, gold, purple and silver colors and finish with a big finale of crackling tails and flowers.
A 49 shots of red, silver, blue, green and gold tails up to bouquets with glitter, crackle and whistle effects.


15 shots of shimmering white, gold, purple, green, blue, gold colors with glittering mines, comets, stars and brocade effects.
42 impressive shots of stars, fish, glitter, crackling, and spinners with red, blue and silver colors.
A 204 shot zipper cake with beautiful colored stars that alternate with crackling comets, palms, whistling tails and a 3 shot finale of silver tails and crackling.


Tank Engine.  Silver titanium sparks to whistle, white strobe with red sparks, silver titanium sparks to whistle, black smoke
Ti-Lotus.  Whistling spins to yellow titanium fountain, silver titanium fountain with flame.
Firestix.  6 assorted fountains.  Red pistil fountain.  Yellow pistil fountain.  Silver pistil fountain.  Green pistil fountain.  Blue pistil fountain.  Purple pistil fountain
PRO 200.  16 shot cake.  Red, green, orange, purple star and loud chrysanthemum.

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